valentine's day is over.
04/05/2006 :: 9:01 pm

i glance up to let my eyes meet yours
you smile to reveal a row of white teeth
all brilliant edges and corners
all at once
summer comes in a sweet whirlwind
wild and bright-
the air is filled with spring smells, sneezes and butterflies (the kind that will tear your stomach to shreds without question)
our cups brimming with promises of lazy hours in the park
you and me and a bottle of wine
- well, that's the shape your lips made
and all these tired hearts,
dust-coated, broken, bruised
all at once
begin to beat.

april is the cruellest month
bringing with her an invitation to exploration
and so we talk in tongues and let the fires of freedom pass through our fingertips (oh, electricity)
we chew and we spit
stolen words and hours
(in the grass, beyond the swings)
and if you listen quiet
all those radio songs are about us
- well, that's the shape your lips made
then all your promises turn to dust
all at once, all at once.

when that train comes to take you away
i glance up to meet with
nothing but salty uncertainty
i'm frozen
when the phone doesn't ring
i'm broken
when you lips don't sing
i, i, i
i can see the blue sky, holloway road
grey train tracks,
cigarettes and a yellow tambourine
the places we've been
and you and me.
these things are but a butterfly-brief moment away - overnight, and you're so suddenly cold
you're blinded, all eyelids
and you deny me the answers i need
so you no longer speak

i can feel the winter coming early, she says
all at once and far too quickly

something is changing
your corners are cut
you've been rearranging
your lips are sewn shut
so no words are spoken
an unbearable haze
why is my heart broken
in so many days?

i can't stand this
not knowing
if you still feel the same way.